Delkor MSP-m Series Case Packer

High-speed case packing for RRP and Standard Shippers

The MSP-m Series is the modular version of our popular MSP-i Series case packer. It offers additional layout flexibility as well as higher payload and speed capabilities. Combining Fanuc vision-guided delta robots with our two-dimensional pattern building allows this loader to offer a very wide array of case configurations.

Case packaging machinery for rigid and flexible packages

Flexible and Efficient.

Delkor's MSP-m Series loader packs pouches and bags up to 2 lbs. It can operate at speeds of up 200/minute. With the ever-changing retail environment, this loader offers flexibility for the future with the capability of placing a variety of different sizes pouches and bags into multiple case types and configurations.

Vision guided package picking solution

Efficient and Adaptable Packing

Vision guided infeed corrects for pouch misalignment while two axes H-bot gantry picks the pouches and loads into retail-ready packaging and other shippers.

High Speed Pouch Packing Equipment

High Speed, High Capacity

Packs pouches and bags of up to 2 lbs, at speeds of up to 200 per minute and a maximum case output of 50 cases per minute.

Tailored packaging machinery for bags and pouches

Tailored for Your Product

Bags and pouches can be packed to lay flat, shingled or even nested. The MSP-M Series can be designed to suit your product. 

Simple and tool-less changeover for packaging machinery

Simple Changeover

Tool-less, manual and recipe-based changeover and end-of-arm tooling quick change mount allow for simple machine changeover.

Flexible case packing machine

Flexible Configuration

Right or left-hand machine configuration with product infeed either inline or counter-flow. Additionally, full-length doors are implemented on the operator side with half-length doors on opposite sides.

Sanitary construction for packaging machinery

Sanitary Construction

The MSP-m can be outfitted with powder coated carbon steel frame or optional stainless steel for thorough and efficient wash downs. 


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