Delkor Turbo Case Retail Ready Tray Shipper Display Stable Package 1

Delkor Turbo Case

A high-strength, cost-cutting combo!

Delkor Turbo Case Retail Ready Tray Shipper Display Stable Package 3

2 Displays. 1 Shipper.

The Delkor Turbo Case is a patented package solution that allows you to distribute multiple display trays in a single shipper. A single top pad bridges over the top of side-by-side display trays to provide excellent package integrity through distribution. The entire assembly is shrink-wrapped into a single high-strength shipping unit.

Delkor Twin-Wrap


Create two shelf display trays and combine them into a single shipper.  This builds stability for easy palletization and distribution, and slows the rates required for automatic palletizers by cutting the rate in half.

Delkor Twin-Wrap

Variety is the spice of life.

In addition to the ability to package multiple flavors in a single tray, Delkor's Turbo Case enables the possibility of mixing two different trays in a single shipper.

Multiple Formats, Single System

A single Delkor packaging system can be easily configured to produce the Turbo Case, Spot-Pak pad/shrink packaging, as well as cases or other retail-ready packaging. These options protect your investment and provide you with the flexibility needed to meet your customer's future requirements.

Delkor Twin-Wrap

Distribute costs

By combining two shelf displays into a single shipper, handling is minimized and distribution costs are reduced. If you are charged a 'per case' handling fee Delkor's Turbo Case will cut your costs in half immediately.

Tool-less changeover

Changeover, Simplified

We understand that your production environment doesn’t have time to wait for complex changeovers, so we’ve designed every one of our machines with a simple tool-less changeover in mind.  A combination of simple crank adjustments and precision change parts ensure that the system will be back to full speed within minutes - even when changing packaging formats.