Delkor's Packaging Solutions for Frozen Foods

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Case Packaging for Frozen Foods

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Need a solution to satisfy your customer's latest retail ready requirements? Have a challenging carton style? Need help setting your product apart from the competition? Delkor has the most effective solutions to help you navigate the icy slopes of frozen foods.

Easy, retail ready packaging for frozen foods - from your plant to the freezer.


Delkor Packaging for Frozen Foods - secondary packaging

Delkor Cabrio Case

Our patented and patents pending package provides the perfect shelf appearance with a machine cut tray front for maximum retail impact. The Cabrio Case is a tray-hood package created from a single-piece of corrugated board and is more efficient than two-piece designs. It can be easily produced alongside other traditional cases on Delkor's Trayfecta line of case formers, future-proofing your packaging line has never been easier.


Carton packages frozen mushroom foods delkor

Retail Cartons

Wheather you are looking for special functionalities such as tear-away retail ready cartons or the standard tri-seal carton, we have the right carton solution that you need.


Frozen packaging standard shipping package

Delkor Standard Shippers

Delkor offers both flange-seal (wrap-around style) cases and regular slotted containers (RSC) for shipping. We can help find a solution that saves cost and improves package strength to benefit your company's bottom line.


Packaging equipment solutions for cartons and shipping frozen foods
Packaging solutions frozen foods


Delkor Trayfecta® S Series is one of our most popular forming machines. It offers industry leading versatility and durability for high volume carton, case and tray forming with only a three minute changeover. The S Series run a wide range of sizes and 3-axis servo motion fuels maximum production rates for all applications. The level of versatility and capacity offered by Delkor Trayfecta S Series Former helps protect investments for the future.


Delkor Packaging Solutions for Frozen Foods


Delkor Capstone S Series Closer uses patentened Intelligent Positioning technology to measure and align the flaps on every carton, and can run up to 150 cartons per minute. The closer enables carton and graphic designs that are not possible on any other machines. Delkor Capstone S-Series is available in a wide variety of layouts and discharge configurations, allowing it to fit into nearly any plant space.


Trayfecta G Series former is the ideal packaging machine capable of forming retail ready packages, standard shippers and stackable club store trays


Delkor's Trayfecta® Series formers is perfect for integration with downstream robotics or hand-load systems. The recipe-driven discharge orientation allows the cases to be conveyed to downstream equipment in the optimal position for any application. The G Series Former can be configured to discharge across a wide range of elevations, elminating the typical long conveyor lenghts required to accomplish elevation changes prior to the case loading station.
Packaging solutions frozen foods


The Delkor Capstone F Series operates at speeds up to 60 cases per minute with the ability to pass empty cases through. The equipment can include options such as automated lift and tool-less changeover in less than one minute. The F Series fits into tight spaces with compact inline footprint. Integrated case feeding and pacing belts allow for minimal conveyance complexity.



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