Packaging Solutions for Candy

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Enjoy the sweet taste of success when you choose a Delkor former, loader, or closer. We have optimized our machinery to handle a variety of different package orientations and designs. Having the abilty to switch from one package design to another in minutes is enormously beneficial with the wide variety of bar, pouch, and bag applications candy producers handle. 

Delkor Packaging - retail-ready packaging, stackable club trays, cartons and more


Why is Cabrio Case the best bet for brand owners?

Cabrio Case delivers perfect shelf presentation, with clean pre-cut edges, along with options to create custom shapes on the tray front to enhance your brand. With 150 million shoppers (est.) strolling the candy aisle every week, first impressions matter. 

Retail Ready Packaging

A major push in the last few years across the industry has been the adjustment from pegs and hand stocked shelves to Retail Ready Packaging. Delkor's machinery is designed to run a variety of packages, many of which are retail ready solutions. While you can still run your traditional packages on Delkor machines, having the ability to switch to RRP at a moments notice may be a huge benefit in the next few years. 

Delkor packaging systems including formers, case packers and closers


Popular Machinery for Candy Bars

Delkor has formers, loaders, and closers designed to handle wrapped bars. Simply pick your case or carton designs and let the tried and true automated systems go to work. A customer favorite for flow wrapped bars is the Trayfecta G Series Carton Former, as it can switch form one carton variation to another at the push of a button. The C Series Robotic Loader is a popular loader for bar applications because it fills cartons at speeds up to 400 units per minute, and because it also includes push button changeover.

Want to learn more?

Make sure to start a conversation with your Delkor representative, if you would like to see how you can start packing your products in the Cabrio Case. To learn more about our patentented and patents pending Cabrio Case visit