Packaging Solutions for Seeds and Nuts

Shelf Ready Packaging for Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts have largely been packed in rigid containers over the years, but the recent pouch shift to pouches has caused a sudden shift in packaging equipment. Delkor's LSP and MSP-m Case Packers are best fit for loading seeds and nuts, becasue of their weight. Additionally, these machines are top loaders, which means the nuts will be evenly dispersed in the pouch when placed in the shipping container. This means more pouches can easily fit in the same shipping container. 

Cans and Cups?

The traditional method of packaging seeds and nuts in cans, tubs, or cups is still widely used. Delkor's Spot-Pak packaging line produces material savings up to 70% for some rigid products!


Easy Open

The Cabrio Case is Delkor's most popular retail ready solution for bags and pouches. In seconds, the hood on this shipping case can be removed, turning the case into a retail ready tray. This tray can be slid onto store shelves immediately, saving shelf stockers valuable time. Additionally, the tray can be fully customized. Printing, sizing, and packing patterns are all easily adjustable with the Cabrio Case. Watch just how fast this case can be converted here...