Stackable Trays

Stack It Up

Robust, stackable and cost effective trays for your wholesale products.

Our stackable trays offer robust column stacking and multiple design variations to help prevent product damage and allow customers easy access to your products.

Strength to Stack

Trays are designed with angled inside corners and a square base with a triangular top to ensure tray strength under heavy conditions.

Less Materials • Lower Cost

Our tray designs require just a single sheet of corrugated cardboard material. That means significant cost savings for your operation.

Delkor Trayfecta G Series former is the ideal packaging machine capable of forming three package form factors within a compact footprint

All in One

The stackable trays can be formed with the Delkor Trayfecta® G Series Former. That means one machine can form your stackable trays and retail ready packages with just a quick changeover.