Packaging System Audit Program

Professional Packaging System Inspection and Recommendations

Designed to quickly and efficiently provide plant operations with the information they need to maintain and operate their packaging systems at high efficiencies while eliminating risks of unplanned downtime.


Simple! Fill out the form below or call your Delkor sales manager to coordinate a site visit. Visits typically last for one to three days (depending on the number of machines to be audited). During the visit our expert technicians will discuss the system operations with operators and maintenance technicians while performing a thorough inspection of your Delkor packaging system and evaluating your spare parts inventory. The technicians will also evaluate opportunities to increase line performance with upgrade kits or equipment conversions. 

During the week following the audit, a comprehensive report will arrive, documenting any worn parts or assemblies as well as recommended adjustments and potential equipment upgrades or conversions.

This process is minimally invasive, with only 1 to 2 hours of downtime per system. The majority of the audit will take place while the line remains in full production!


  • Detailed inspection with expert eyes
  • Improve system efficiency and boost your bottom line with the recommendations we provide
  • Reduce unplanned downtime with implementation of our audit suggestions
  • Increase equipment capabilities when implementing suggested upgrades
  • Confirm correct critical spares and quantities in your spare parts inventory


You will receive an easy-to-read, thorough audit report that contains:

  • List of recommended replacement parts
  • Recommended adjustments
  • Current parts inventory vs recommended parts inventory
  • Recommended upgrades available, benefits and cost
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Connect with your Sales Manager or fill out the form below to receive a call back!