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Trayfecta M series Carton and Tray Former Brochure

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Trayfecta M series 900 Layout Drawings

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Trayfecta M series 1200 Layout Drawings

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Trayfecta M series 1500 Layout Drawings

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Delkor Trayfecta® M-Series (Mechanical) Tray and Carton Formers

The Delkor Trayfecta M-Series formers are an economical alternative to the flagship Delkor Trayfecta S-Series formers. The highly refined, simple, robust mechanical drive, is ideal for long production runs and low maintenance requirements.

Within 5 minutes or less, the Delkor Trayfecta Mechanical Former can change over between a tray former, a carton former, or a case former to meet the rapidly changing needs of modern retailers. The Trayfecta M Series Formers produce consistent, high-quality; formed trays, cartons, or cases from paperboard, micro flute, E-flute, or corrugated blanks on a single machine.

The new Trayfecta is available in single, double, triple, and quadruple-head configurations, providing the ideal flexible packaging solutions.

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  1. To meet the demands of high speed applications, the Trayfecta is available in numerous configurations including:
    1. Single head
    2. Double head*
    3. Triple head*
    4. Quadruple head*
    5. *Multi-head formers have the ability to simultaneously produce different trays, cartons, or cases.

  2. Form a broad range of tray, carton, and case styles on one machine:
    1. Lock Style
    2. Adhesive Style
    3. Fold-over (Foot-lock) Style
    4. Setup Box Replacement (SBR) Trays
  3. Flexible design allows a single machine to produce trays, cartons, or cases in:
        1. Paperboard (Chip-board)
        2. Micro-Flute
        3. E-Flute
        4. Corrugated


Trayfecta belt drive
Belt Drive System
All models within the Trayfecta M series tray forming family share a common architecture which features a fully counterbalanced precision drive for smooth high-speed reliability.
Trayfecta pick up arms Carton Blank Pick
The mechanically driven pick-arm assembly picks a carton blank from the magazine lane and places it into the shuttle.
Trayfecta shuttle Shuttle
Mechanically driven reciprocating blank shuttle provides positive blank location and adhesive application.
Trayfecta adhesive application Adhesive Application
For adhesive style cartons, hot-melt adhesive is applied to carton flaps during the controlled shuttle motion.
Trayfecta forming head Forming Head
The mechanically driven forming head drives the carton blank downward, through the forming cavity, to create a formed carton.
Trayfecta spring loaded cavity Forming Cavity
Forming activity occurs in a unique spring-loaded precision forming cavity that prevents jamming during the forming process.
Trayfecta carton discharge Carton Eject
The newly formed carton is positively ejected from the forming head and onto the discharge conveyor.
    Available Configurations
  1. 900 Series (Available with 1 forming head)
  2. 1200 Series (Available with 1, 2, or 3 forming heads)
  3. 1500 Series (Available with 1, 2, 3, or 4 forming heads)
    Speed Capability (Application Dependent)
  1. 900 Series up to 70 cartons per minute
  2. 1200 Series up to 180 cartons per minute
  3. 1500 Series up to 225 cartons per minute
  1. Available in stainless steel or powder coated carbon steel construction
  2. Standard fully welded tubular steel frame
  3. Fully counterbalanced precision linkage drive for high speed reliability
    Machine Capacity
  1. 900 Series blank sizes up to 24" W x 30" L
  2. 1200 Series blank sizes up to 36" W x 32" L
  3. 1500 Series blank sizes up to 48" W by 32" L
    Machine Size
  1. 900 Series = 129 " L x 40" W
  2. 1200 Series = 129" L x 52" W
  3. 1500 Series =129" L x 64" W
  4. Standard discharge height = 36" elevation (Carton size dependent)
  1. Production monitoring and reporting through HMI touch screen
  2. Form on-demand photo eye
  3. 3-Color machine status light tower
  4. Discharge verification sensor
  5. Magazine level sensor with operator alert
  6. Adhesive level sensor with operator alert
  7. English/Spanish/French HMI language available
  1. Guardmaster category III guard door interlocks and safety monitor relay
  2. Lock-out Tag-out ready air and electrical disconnect
  3. Air supply shut-off valve with dump
  4. Two emergency stop buttons
  1. Ergonomic guard doors with gas shock assist
  2. Light-weight forming tooling
  3. Auto retract magazine pressure plate for easy loading
  4. Swivel-Mounted HMI for easy viewing
    Utility Requirements
  1. 35 amp disconnect @ 480V 60hz 3-Phase (240V/575V Optional)
  2. 5 CFM @ 80 PSI air consumption (Maximum)
    Shipping Weight
  1. 2500 pounds
    Forming Capabilities
  1. Adhesive style trays or cartons
  2. Lock style trays or cartons
  3. Fold-Over (Foot-Lock) style trays or cartons
  4. SBR (Setup box replacement) trays
  1. 5 minute tool-less changeover (per lane)
  2. Labels and scales on all adjustment points
  3. Step-by-step changeover documentation in manual and in HMI
    Controls & Electronics
  1. Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC
  2. Allen Bradley Panelview 700 "Plus" color touch screen HMI (1000 "plus" optional)
  3. Allen Bradley Powerflex 40 frequency drives
  4. Allen Bradley high resolution encoder
  5. Ethernet connectivity
  6. 20% minimum spare I/O for easy integration
    Adhesive System
  1. Nordson ProBlue 10 adhesive melter
  2. Nordson air-open / air-close adhesive application heads or Nordson electronic adhesive application heads available
  3. Wash down heads and hoses available for demanding environments

The Trayfecta tray formers/ carton formers are well suited to a wide variety of trays, cartons, and cases with either glue-style, lock-style, or fold-over (foot-lock) style construction. This flexibility of this forming machine, combined with the ability to handle paperboard and/or corrugated materials with ease illustrates the ingenuity put into every Delkor Systems machine.




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